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Generator Drive

Gas turbines are regarded the core of many industries, especially in the power generation industry. As gas turbines age, their associated control systems become the main challenge to manage and maintain in a safe and cost-effective manner. Owners and operators of Gas Turbines face other issues, such as the spare parts obsolesce, lack of expertise of legacy systems and the cease of OEM support. 

TCS provides a robust, state of the art, advanced and cost-effective control system for turbo-machinery applications, developed according to industry standards, as an alternative to many gas turbines’ makes and models to protect, monitor and control gas turbines used in various applications and industries, such as Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Steel factories, etc. we offer control systems that are developed on industry proven control hardware platform, which can be selected according to end user preference, ensuring seamless integration with the plant’s existing systems, which does not require any third-party products for interfacing.  

TCS specializes in the Control upgrade of many OEM gas turbines, GE heavy duty (Frame 5, 6, 7, & 9) and industrial gas turbine (LM2500, LM5000, LM6000), Siemens SGT-series, Rolls Royce turbines, Solar turbines, Westinghouse, P&W and many others. 

We offer complete turnkey solutions for new installations as well as for the retrofits and modernization of existing Gas turbine Control system customized for each specific customer’s technical requirements. Our offering also includes site surveys, equipment selection, detailed design and engineering, installation, commissioning & startup

The main features TCS offered GT Controls upgrade:
  • The system can be Simplex, Dual or TMR options with Hot Swap capability.
  • Fuel Governor.
  • Auto Synch & Power Monitor.
  • Automatic start-up, auxiliaries sequencing.
  • Combustion Control.
  • Exhaust temperature Control.
  • Alarm Management.
  • Advanced Trending Capabilities.
  • Generator Stator temperature monitor
  • Lube oil temperature monitor
  • Vibration monitor
  • Wheel-space monitor 
  • Predictive Analytics (Optional)

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