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The reliability and efficiency of centrifugal compressor are directly affected by the interaction between the surge controller, inlet guide vanes, anti-surge valves, recycle pipelines and intercoolers. An improperly designed surge control strategy can lead to compressors being susceptible to multiple surge events, which can cause catastrophic damage to the compressor train and potential serious injury to personnel. The Anti-surge controller is one of the most critical components of compressor control applications that prevents a compressor from surging by continuously monitoring and the distance between the compressor’s operating point and its surge limit line. The controller modulates a recycle or blow-off valve to prevent the compressor’s operating point from reaching the surge limit while maintaining other process variables within safe or acceptable limits.

TCS offers a Compressor sequencing and anti-surge PLC-based control systems packaged using a variety of PLCs of major industrial suppliers depending on the customer’s need/preference. 

Our PLC based Compressor Control system is fully tested by our engineers during and after the conceptual design phase. Our PLC based solutions’ logic diagrams and programming software are industry standard designed with local I/O and remote processors, and other arrangements depending on the customer’s requirements.  Control system enclosures and wiring are available to meet all IEC applications, Class 2 / Zone 2 and non-hazardous installations. TCS offered Compressor Controls are fully redundant PLC solutions available with hot swap and online backup capabilities.


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