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As the power generation industry transitions to cleaner sources of electric power, concerns for environmental pollution are urging governments worldwide to mandate reduction in NOx emission on gas turbine users and operators. 

The water injection system is one of the cost-effective means to reducing NOx emission to minimum allowable levels and increasing unit output. The water injection system can achieve such low levels. The required water-to-fuel ratio is determined through field compliance testing of each unit and fuel type. Based on tests, the final control schedule is programmed in the turbine control system, which in turn regulates the system.

The water injection skid receives demineralized water from the water storage and demin water forwarding system. Filtered water exits the skid at the proper pressure and flow rates required for maintaining the desired emissions and/or power output level.

The entire water injection system consists of both on-base and off-base components. This Specification is only for the design and supply of the water injection skid.

TCS has extensive experience in the supply and installation of complete Water Injection system for gas turbines. We work with customers to identify the most cost-effective solution. In addition, we can also provide NOx emission calculations for each of the possible cases to assure the compliance of the system before its installation.


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