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Heavy Duty & Industrial gas turbine compressors requires approximately 60% of the overall energy during operation. The air entering the axial compressor through the air intake system for filtration. However, some quantities of dirt, dust, oils, aerosols, and other contaminants pass through the air intake filters and deposit on the compressor moving and stationary blades. These deposits decrease the overall air flow of the compressor and consequently, the overall performance of the gas turbine. 

To avoid such performance degradation of gas turbines, and to achieve the maximum output and efficiency for a gas turbine, a periodic compressor wash becomes a necessity to remove dirt, dust and oil which accumulate on the compressor blades, which can be performed online or offline. 

TCS offers a high-quality compressor water wash system for the GE Heavy duty & Aeroderivative gas turbines which is designed to be an easy retrofit and requires no special skills to install. The compressor cleaning nozzle system is manufactured from stainless steel. The nozzles are true atomizing nozzles that contain a mechanism to generate droplets inside the nozzle such that the fluid is fully atomized before entering the airflow.


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