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Plant historians are complex pieces of software that are used to store and analyse vital plant and industrial data and offer several benefits such as prebuilt analysis equations and compatibility with other industrial software packages.

An example, if a plant critical equipment is heating more than usual at the plant, the user will need to store the equipment’s temperature readings. This allows the user to investigate whether the temperature is rising over time or not and by how much. With this kind of visibility, the user can replace equipment right on time before it fails. A process historian is ideal for this kind of situation. It is designed to store data, analysis, data visualization, exposure of the data to the application program interface (API) such as predictive analytics (Add link to predictive analytics).

Plant Historian can be deployed to monitor a single process or an entire power plant facility. It can also expand as a tiered Historian, capable of storing data locally and aggregating data at the corporate level to simplify the most demanding data reporting and analysis requirements.

Data stored in the Plant Historian is easily accessible using a comprehensive set of integrated reporting and data analysis tools. From your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, and the Plant Historian data is available 24/7 helping power plant owners and operators better manage and improve their processes.

Plant Historian has the capacity to historize large volume plant data and unite a high-speed data acquisition and storage system with a traditional relational database management system, facilitating access to plant data using open database standards. This provides tremendous 

business value to power plants:

  • A complete and accurate operational history provides a foundation for faster troubleshooting and easier discovery of high value process improvement opportunities.
  • Flexible, scalable implementation options reduce IT costs and accelerate system ROI. High availability and disaster recovery options help ensure business continuity.
  • Comprehensive reporting and data analysis options enable more team members to gain value from your process history and having access to data enhances collaboration.

TCS offers plant level and enterprise level historian solution with as many as 1000,000 datapoints regardless of the data generating source, i.e., unit Control system, DCS, Smart sensors, PLC, etc.


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