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TCS engineers have developed this signature service offering to significantly improve the plant reliability, availability and minimize downtime by performing a thorough engineering evaluation of the power plant on both hardware and software levels covering every single aspect of the plant core equipment (turbines, generators, compressor, gearboxes, etc.), auxiliary and supporting system such fuel systems, lube oil system, cooling & ventilation system, instrumentation, wirings, terminations, power supplies, and control system hardware configuration and the core control logic application. 

The primary goal of the PRCP® development is to minimize or eliminate frequent spurious trips caused by equipment and their associated subsystems. 

The PRCP® (Plant Reliability Compass program) is conducted by thoroughly reviewing the plant operation history (usually last 3-5 years) and an engineering study of the existing instrumentation, wiring, terminations, and control system hardware and software such as redundancy, setpoints, time delays, etc. which are direct contributors to such trips. 

A final report with the engineering study outcome of the above is issued to address the recommended improvements in order to achieve a guaranteed avoidable spurious trips reduction target. 

our proven PRCP program guarantees a 30% to 60% of all non-process-upset related trips of the power plant. 


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