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Digitalization-readiness assessment serves as the steppingstone for any plant digitalization initiative, and the main purpose and expected outcome is to determine where this power plant, gas plant, refinery, mining site, etc. is in the maturity curve.

Digital solutions have become powerful tools to manage the complexity of the current business environment of power generation. Rapid advances in sensors, control systems, industrial software and artificial intelligence are opening new ways of driving efficiency gains from existing operations and enabling new, more flexible business models with extensive opportunities for growth, cost-cutting and improve safety of personnel and plant equipment.

Through a comprehensive analysis over the 3 Main Dimensions for Plant Digitalization, the Current State will be structured, measured, and benchmarked. The structure we put in place during a power plant Assessment is called the “Digitalization Framework”, the view angles are called “Dimensions”. To tell something about the overall Current State of Digitalization within a power plant, we need to look along the following 3 Dimensions:

  • The Overall Business Context: the business situation of the company that owns or manages the Assets. The Business Context entails all peers, economic, business cultural, and other surrounding aspects AROUND the Assets.
  • The overall Asset Condition: How “fit” the Assets are, basically determines the overall Risk for Failure which, eventually dictates the demand for maintenance and the absolute performance.

Maintenance & Operations: The heart of Power Plant Digitalization, where all people play their role, all aspects are managed, and processes are executed by people and software based on digital or analogue information.

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