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MOR is a key component of a complete plant intelligence solution that connects all your wired and stranded assets – enabling an even broader visibility into the performance of your assets than ever before. MOR asset-centric approach makes tracking asset performance straightforward.

TCS offers a cutting-edge MOR solution for power generation, Oil & Gas and other industries. It is a software application that runs on iOS, Windows or Android OSs mobile computer allowing field users to input data directly to an interactive, electronic mobile work process application. It is a decision support platform for implementing and sustaining best practices such as Operator-Driven Reliability (ODR), RCM and Regulatory Compliance.

MOR replaces traditional paper-based operator surveillance and inspection checklists with ruggedized, intrinsically safe mobile devices for collecting field data for operator equipment surveillance and inspections. It provides real- time feedback in the field to the operator alerting them to exception conditions and provides focused advice, so the operator can act in the field.


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