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Our Generator control and protection solutions are customized to suit the customers’ specific requirements. The offered solutions are designed for a wide range of generator applications in the power generation and O&G industries. In a typical upgrade solution, the GCP panel contains generator active power, reactive power, metering, automatic voltage regulators, generator protection and synchronizing relays. 

At TCS, we offer a complete package for the Gen Excitation & Protection Systems & associated control auxiliaries. Specializing in the upgrade of older Gen Controls systems, TCS can design, supply, install and commission such systems in a cost-effective and efficient manner. 

 TCS, being a service provider for major Generators’ OEMs, we also provide installation and commissioning Services as part of our offered service packages.  

In addition to Excitation Systems, we also specialize in Synchronizing Systems for generator schemes.


We have expertise on the following OEMs’ systems: 


Unitrol 1010, Unitrol 1020, Unitrol 6080

Protection: REG650, REG670, REG670-C30


DX21  C10/120  MC15  HC15  


RG3-T4  RG3-S7  


Prismic A30, Prismic A12, MAS100,  MCS100  


DECS 125-15, DECS 100, DECS 200, DECS 250, DECS 300 and DECS 400


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