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TCS, through its experience over the years, developed the expertise and knowledge, to provide an advanced and sophisticated integrated Turbine & Compressor Train Control utilizing advanced algorithm and system hardware using the hardware platforms of renowned OEMs. We offer a fully integrated solution for turbo-compressor train application in the Oil & Gas industry. 

Our integrated train control solution is an agile control regulating the rate at which the compressor’s operating point approaches the surge line, thus allowing for smooth transition to stable operation. 

In addition, TCS, as a one-stop shop, has highly skilled personnel with the relevant experience in the electro-mechanical interface with the compressor.

The train control package includes:

  • Control and sequencing
  • Anti-Surge Control
  • Capacity / Performance Control
  • Process Control
  • Suction Pressure Control
  • Load Sharing
  • Discharge Pressure Control
  • De-Coupling of Speed/Load
  • Precision EGT limiting (depending on the prime mover)
  • Operation and performance monitoring
  • Easy troubleshooting tool
  • Trending and Historian
  • Simulation tool


Control platforms TCS offers: 

  • Allen Bradley Controllogix5000®
  • Siemens S7 400
  • Woodward Micronet Plus®
  • GE Speedtronic MK VIe® 

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