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TCS Group is an industry leading Repair Service Provider for Gas Fuel Control, Fuel Metering and Bleed Air Valves. We have repair expertise on different types of valves at our Repair Facility, these include Stop/Speed Ratio Gas Control Valves (SRV/GCV), Splitter Valves, Fuel Transfer valves, Gas & Liquid Fuel metering Valves, Liquid Fuel Metering Valves, Lube Oil Metering Valves, Steam Control / Induction Valves of various manufacturers. Our offered services will extend the lifecycle of our customers’ fuel control valves, which in turn reduces maintenance budget significantly. Since the repairs will be done in Malaysia Southeast Asia, it will benefit our local and regional clients in terms of logistics cost and time, downtime of valves. We have a knowledgeable staff, extensive test and repair facilities, and all parts and repairs come with up to 18-month warranty. Our valve repairs include receiving the valves in facility, thorough inspection, replacement of parts (if required), cleaning, reassembling and hydraulic and leak testing on the test bench as per OEM recommendations, re-painting with corrosion resistant paint and packing. TCS will submit a detailed report with test data sheet. 


  • Hydraulically Operated Valves
  • Electrically Operated Valves
  • Pneumatically Operated Valves
  • Fuel Check Valves
  • Purge Air Check Valves
  • Steam Stop & Control Valve 
  • Atomizing Air & Booster Air Compressors


  • Trip function
  • LVDT testing
  • Hysteresis
  • Stem leakage
  • Seat leakage
  • Pressure testing
  • Flow measurement
  • Electrical operation



  • Receive at the TCS workshop facility
  • take photos of the as received condition
  • Take an inventory of the incoming job and raise a traceable job #
  • Carefully disassemble the unit, taking photographic evidence
  • Clean all of the components using correct not damaging techniques
  • Carry out complete Inspection of all internal and external components  
  • Generate Initial inspection report summarizing all findings. 
  • The initial inspection report will be submitted to the customer. 
  • When customer confirmation is received, TCS will do relevant repair scope as mentioned on the initial inspection report – Including: 
  • Procure & replace parts from our internal stores or trusted suppliers. 
  • Inspection of all new replacement parts, re-check and carry out any sub assembly tests. 
  • All new parts are QC inspected, TCS carry out the reassembly of the 
  • Test the assembly on the hydraulic test rig following the test sheet which is referenced to the G.E test specification. 
  • TCS will submit a final customer report along with a test data sheet. 
  • The finished assembly with be painted with corrosion resistant paint. 
  • The finished assembly with be Inhibited and packaged in accordance with the length of storage. 
  • A final quality assurance check will be carried out and the customer notified of collection/delivery. 



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