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Asset Performance Management (APM), monitors assets to identify, diagnose, and prioritize impending equipment problems continuously and in real time. APM empowers our customers to reduce unscheduled downtime, prevent equipment failures, reduce maintenance costs, increase asset utilization, extend equipment life, and identify underperforming assets to support their business objectives by prioritizing business objectives in addition to traditional asset reliability and availability goals. APM has become a primary enabler of digital transformation for asset management among industrial companies.

At the heart of APM is the concept of maximizing profitability by balancing risk, cost, and performance of the plant, of the assets, or of the people that are operating all those assets.

TCS, together with its partners,  offers the most advanced and innovative APM software solution to help in our customers’ journey to sustainability and operational excellence. Whether you are a building a new combined cycle plant, adding renewable generation assets or finding ways to optimize the operation of existing generation. We enable our customers to gain a clear understanding of the current status of their plant and maintenance maturity, including where improvement opportunities will provide the quickest financial return.

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