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Centrifugal gas compressors are the workhorse of the Oil & Gas industry. After several years of operation under tough conditions, their efficiency tend to degrade overtime and starts deviating from the design efficiency. One of the main difficulties of analyzing the operative performance of centrifugal compressors involves how the data is presented. Expected performance is generally depicted using graphs of discharge pressures and temperatures, polytrophic heads, efficiencies and absorbed power related to the design inlet gas conditions (gas mix composition, inlet pressure and temperature).

However, actual performances are strictly related to field inlet gas conditions that are different from design conditions. The comparison of field measurements to expected values is complex because the expected performances must be adjusted to the actual condition of the gas at compressor suction in the field.  

TCS offers a centrifugal compressor performance evaluation solution which can accurately evaluate the centrifugal compressor field performance and comparing them to design/expected performances in both Online and offline to identify any deviations and rectify them. 

Our offered software solution is OEM agnostic, it can evaluate virtually any centrifugal compressor make and model in the Oil & Gas industry with several installations worldwide.


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