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Gas and steam control valves are critically important for the safe and operation of a gas and steam turbines. TCS offers overhauling, refurbishment, and testing services for all type of fuel/steam valves as well as fuel nozzles to ensure proper functionality and comply with the operational specification of the OEMs to minimise downtime and improve reliability and availability of the unit.

Our valves overhauling, refurbishment, and testing services follow strict quality-controlled procedures from disassembly, cleaning, testing, and calibration to the correct specifications. 

Our technicians are highly skilled to perform a high-quality overhauling and testing of all types of control valves and in line with required specifications.


  • Gas and liquid fuel valve overhaul and calibration
  • Liquid Fuel Flow Divider 
  • Steam Control Valves overhaul and calibration 
  • Fuel Nozzles (for heavy duty and aeroderivative gas turbines)
  • Inlet guide vane actuator repair
  • Control Cards (Speedtornic® Mark II, V, Ve, VI, VIe, BN, T2000, T2000, S7 PLC, AB PLC, etc.)
  • VFD Drives (from 0.5kW to 9200 kW) 

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