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Operator Training Simulator (OTS) is an advanced computer-based training solution that help control room operators learn the skills they need to run a plant safely, efficiently, and profitably. The simulator uses identical application software for the HMI and control as the actual plant, regardless of the OEM.

The control algorithms for the power plant Control system will be compiled from the engineering tool for the simulator control computer. The OTS is based on proven process modelling platform and comprehensive simulation object library. The physical   processes are modelled using  the  physical   laws  for each  element;  in particular, the mass and energy balance in the steady-state condition as well as  in  the  transient-state  condition  thereby  guaranteeing  proper  operation  of  the simulator over the entire range of simulated operations in simple or combined cycle power plants.

TCS offers an OTS solution which combines the dynamic process simulations, emulated control systems and replicated interfaces to match the exact look, feel and behaviour of the actual plant (a plant replica). The high-fidelity simulation exposes control issues and procedure problems before start-up, so operators can fix it quickly and ramp from first feed to full production with no surprises.


Our offered OTS covers the following main simulation features:

  • A real time reproduction of process and control
  • The use of the existing plant human machine interface (HMI) in the control room
  •  Fully functional operator screens and navigation
  • Actual site-specific software
  • Editors for application software and screens
  • Simulation with snap, restore, freeze, and initial conditions functionality
  • Alarm management tools
  • Trending tools
  • Trip history
  • Adjust tuning constants
  • Software block libraries and documentation
  • Watch windows to organize and export data
  • Compare tool for software revisions

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