• Aug, 2016-Tripoli, Libya – TCS Awarded HMI System & Upgrade for Four (4) Units by General Desalination Company in Tobruk Water Treatment Facility in Libya.
    Aug, 2016-Tripoli, Libya
  • March, 2016-Tripoli, Libya – TCS Successfully Executed GE Frame-V Major Overhaul & Upgrades Contract at Amal Field (End user- Houroge Oil Operation) for HPI USA.
    March, 2016-Tripoli, Libya
  • April, 2016-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – TCS Signs Two-Year, Service Contract with Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Malaysia.
    April, 2016-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • March, 2016-Indonesia – TCS Awarded Site Management of Mega Deal Project for Installation & Commissioning of 20XTM2500+ GE Units in Indonesia for PT Alstom Grid (GE Grid Solutions).
    March, 2016-Indonesia

    TCS to perform site management for electrical balance of plant installation and commissioning at four different sites (Air Anyir, Lambok, Tarahan & Tanjung Pandan) in Indonesia for PT Alstom Grid (GE Grid Solutions).

  • Feb, 2017-Tripoli, Libya – TCS to Supervise Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Major Overhaul & Inspection Jobs at Multiple Sites in Libya for GE Oil & Gas.
    Feb, 2017-Tripoli, Libya

    TCS is awarded supervision of GE MS5002D & MS3002 heavy duty major overhaul at Greenstream BV (End user- Bonatti), Abutiful Field (End User Mellitah Oil & Gas) for GE Oil & Gas in Libya. TCS to perform disassembly and inspections (GT - Assessment) of GE MS3002 gas turbine at Buri offshore (End User- Mellitah Oil & Gas) in Libya for GE Oil & Gas.

  • Jan, 2017-Tripoli, Libya – TCS Awarded Installation of Mobile Turbine Projects in Libya.
    Jan, 2017-Tripoli, Libya

    TCS to perform Installation of 2XPratt &Whitney FT8 units & balance of plant for Libya Holding Company (End user-GECOL) in Tripoli, West of Libya.

  • 11-15th May, 2015 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    The 5‐day Maintenance course was designed for experienced instrument personnel involved in the daily maintenance of the Mark V control systems and HMI. The course enabled the instrument technician / Engineer to configure HMI displays and confidently, manipulate HMI software tools as well as diagnose problems in Gas/Steam Turbine SPEEDTRONIC Mark V Control Systems. View Event Highlights

  • 5th May, 2015 – Libya, Malaysia – TCS to performed Major Overhaul of 2 GE Frame V Turbines at Wafa site owned by Mellitah Oil & Gas in Libya for GE Oil & Gas
    5th May, 2015 - Libya, Malaysia

    TCS to mobilize its field team to preform major maintenance overhaul services on two Frame 5 gas turbines located at large oil field, (wafa field). The comprehensive service solution includes the rotor de-stack and re-stack, a new set of gas turbine buckets.In addition, TCS to provide full outage management planning and a dedicated project manager to the project.

  • Oct,2014 – Brega, Libya – TCS Secures contract for Two (2) GE Frame 5 Gas Turbines System Retrofits with Sirte Oil Company (SOC)
    Oct,2014 - Brega, Libya

    TCS has been awarded a contract to Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation and commissioning of Turbine Control System, Generator Control System, Power Management System, HMI System, Common Auxiliaries Control System, Motor Control Center, Upgraded Instrumentation, Black Start Diesel, Fire Protection System, Off-base Ventilation System, Off-base Lube Oil Cooling System and Gas Fuel Skid Modifications in Brega, Libya.

  • Mar,2014 – Tripoli & Azzawia, Libya – TCS Awarded TM 2500+ Extended Phase Project
    Mar,2014 - Tripoli & Azzawia, Libya

    TCS has been awarded an extended project to execute the installation of control emission monitoring system, plus jet filter house, gas fuel compressor skids, black start diesel generators for four GE TM2500+gas turbines in Azzawia and Tripoli West power plants in Libya.