We are providing our exceptional repairs, maintenance, operations, overhaul, installation and total EPC services to the following industries:

TCS holds expertise in providing maintenance support for owners and operators of gas turbines and other rotating equipments that are used in the energy industry worldwide. Our excellent practical operations and maintenance experience are the factors behind ensuring, market leading services for Power and Oil & Gas applications. TCS’s focus on delivering cost-effective performance throughout the life cycle of our clients’ assets is also instrumental in making us one of the preferred choices across the globe.

Our wide range of services for Oil, Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical & Refineries includes:

  • Leasing Gas Turbine Engines
  • Engine Exchange
  • Periodic Inspection/Technical Support
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Spare Part Support
  • Conversion, Modification & Upgrade Services
  • Water & Waste Solutions
  • Air Pollution Control Systems
  • Human Machine Interface System upgrades and complete SCADA Support
  • Trouble Shooting Turbine, Generator and balance of Plant Control System

Oil & Gas Services


TCS has been a leader in supporting international, national and independent oil & gas companies in critical rotating equipment.

Our onshore and offshore services and solutions increase asset availability & reliability throughout the supporting process.With extensive track record of supporting oil & gas facility owners, operators and maintenance providers, our focus remains on improving rotating equipment performance while maintaining the highest levels of safety standards.
We apply industry-leading techniques and asset management strategies to execute the services. The responsive solutions that we provide include technical support, training, maintenance, supply chain management, repair and overhaul services. These services are strategically managed to achieve your business goals by increasing the availability as well as reliability of critical rotating equipment used in the production, distribution and refining of hydrocarbons.

Power Generation

Power Plant Services

TCS’s unparalleled record of handling operations and maintenance services.

Coupled with industry-best practices is helping operators improve the availability and reliability of gas and steam turbo-machinery including the driven equipments (Generators).

We are actively involved in the modernization of utilities and independent & industrial power generation plants.

Power Plant Services

Power Gen

In the recent years, the Power Generation sector has entered an era of major advancement.

As a leading independent service provider for turbo-machinery, Turbo Control Solutions has the experience to address and meet the business challenges that are unique to our customers’ operations. Spurred by the assistance of our experts, TCS is continuously delivering value-added solutions to improve the performance and reliability of turbines, high-speed rotating equipment, pumps and compressors.

The key services that we provide worldwide include power plant construction, operations and maintenance, field service, repair, overhaul, parts supply and control retrofits/upgrades.

Refineries & Petrochemicals


As the worldwide demand for converting crude oil is greater than ever.

TCS is creating more competitive Refineries & Petrochemicals production bases that offer higher added value. The process of conversion is done through distillation and chemical reaction, where refineries convert crude oil into a variety of valuable fuels and lubricants, as well as feed stocks for other downstream processes.

Plant maintenance and upgrades of the existing facility depend upon service provider who is responsible for spares, field services, overhauls, repair, controls retrofits etc.TCS has extensive global experience in all areas needed to enhance both production and performance.

Green Energy &Technology


Inspiring Renewable Energy, we employ a broad level of sustainable developments and design solutions for our customers.

Our renewable activities inspire industries, commercial companies, public sector organizations, charities and community groups to consider using the energy as an essential requirement of their overall energy needs, and for building tomorrow’s generation.

We operate across all areas of the renewable energy supply chain from feasibility and resources assessment right through to installation, operation and maintenance of systems throughout the South East Asia.

TCS provide renewable energy products, services and consultancy expertise in the following areas:

  • Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems and Solutions for commercial customers
  • Large scale on-shore Wind Farm Planning and feasibility Consultation
  • Consultancy and feasibility study waste to energy, Biomass Heating Solutions for large scale domestic, public sector and commercial installation