TCS In-house or On-site Training Services provide engaging learning experiences to help customers achieve the desired results.

Our instructors are industry veterans who are motivated and diversified to provide technical assistance and autonomous leadership on diversified rotating equipment with focus on engineering turbine control solutions. With many years of experience, our professional engineers deliver unparalleled technical expertise, product knowledge and problem solving & effective management proficiency that lead to contemporary development of testing methodology and techniques, which are helpful for verifying functional specifications on gas turbine technology.

The training programs can be conducted at TCS’s facility center, or can be provided on-site (on job training).

We offer the following Courses:

  • Gas Turbine Operations (GE Speedtronic Mark V, VI, Vie Controls)
  • GE Speedtronic Mark V, VI, Vie Maintenance
  • Simplicity HMI Operation and Maintenance
  • Siemens Control System (Teleperm ME, TXP, T3000, PCS7)
  • Woodward Control System (Netcon5000, Atlas PC, Micronet Plus).
  • Invensys Controls (Foxboro DCS, Triconex ESD, Wonderware HMI)

Dynamic plant simulation which includes :

  • Power plant fundamentals.
  • Power plant efficiency.
  • Power plant trip, safe shutdown, and recovery.
  • Power plant electrical systems, including relaying and control.
  • Very major type of generator and excitation system.
  • Power plant instrumentation and control systems.
  • Power plant control room operational fundamentals.
  • Combustion and combustion chemistry for low NOx burners.
  • Every major type of turbine.
  • Power plant loss of station service (black-plant) fundamentals (this includes engineering studies and procedures).
  • TCS also offers full featured, real time, high fidelity simulation models that provide training on all major power plant equipment and control systems.

TCS also holds expertise in offering training programs on a wide range of topics covering turbo-machinery and associated equipment, including the following:

  • Introduction to Gas Fired Power Plant
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • High Voltage Safety
  • Generator Control & Maintenance
  • Gas & Steam Turbine Operations
  • Medium Speed Diesel Engine
  • Gas / Steam Turbine Control Review
  • Power System Protection

Training provides engaging learning experiences to help you achieve:

  • Increased personnel and machine efficiency
  • Prevention or reduction of equipment damage and under‐utilization
  • Increased equipment reliability and productivity
  • Retention, engagement, and improvement of an excellent workforce
  • Enhanced safety and reduction of environmental impact
  • Courses that meet business and industry requirements
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership
  • Flexible logistics – hold training at our Training Center or bring outclasses to our clients
  • Reduction or elimination of non-productive time (NPT) and associated costs

Our instructors with the expertise, experience, and skills translate your high-impact business goals of safe,
economic and reliable operation into customized courses that drive excellence.

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