To support owners and operators, remote monitoring is used, which optimizes maintenance cycles and reduces operating costs.

With an entrepreneurial approach, we can analyze the behavior of customer’s turbo-machinery and electromechanical equipment.

We are delivering proven around-the-clock monitoring of customer’s equipment including turbines, generators, motors, compressors and more to collect and store all relevant data. The essential information is used to quickly find the cause of unexpected outages.

Leveraging on our workplace facility, online monitoring and analysis, can help our customers simultaneously optimize their maintenance schedule, reduce maintenance costs, and increase availability.

TCS assists you exponentially during planned and unplanned outages.

Our remote monitoring services provide the following:

  • Online monitoring and analyzing of equipment
  • A dedicated, experienced team of engineers available around the clock
  • Advice on maintenance schedules to reduce costs of operation
  • Improved equipment availability