As a world-class field maintenance organization, we train our Engineers and Technicians to offer high level of expertise and capability to make the maintenance period a rewarding experience.

Aware of the intricacy of the services, our experts are available on call 24/7 to provide support and solve our customers’ issues as expeditiously as possible. TCS’s commitment is supported by a team of highly trained and experienced engineers and service personnel and an advanced database center.

In order to meticulously undertake the services, we are equipped with high-tech and fully-stocked mobile field equipment and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) trailers. The respective crews are well-equipped and ready to begin working at the customers’ site.

Creating competitive production bases and maximizing the effectiveness of every industry with our 24/7 assistance promise”.

Mechanical, Control & Instrumentation Field Support

  • Outage Management/Schedule & Unscheduled maintenance
  • Replacement of aging Turbines with modern technologies
  • Compressor Cleaning: Online/ Offline Compressor Water Wash
  • Fuel Conversion Support
  • Vibration Analysis and Diagnostic
  • Borescope inspections, Valve, bearings and Seals Inspections
  • Heavy rigging, lifting & transportation
  • Optical & Laser Alignment
  • Management, supervision and maintenance plan in power generation, gas production and Petrochemical plants.
  • Controls Commissioning, start-up and maintenance of Rotating Machinery on power generation, gas production plant controls
  • Removal, installation & commissioning of mechanical equipment, Fault Finding, Tuning & Controls Diagnostic Support
  • Scheduled Combustion, Hot Gas Path, Major Inspections and Machine up-rate and improvement
  • On-site: Rotor Blading removal & replacement, Welding services, Steam Path Remediation, Generator testing & repair & technical direction
  • Development and Engineering of industrial Software Applications

Electrical Field Support

  • Testing, analysis and rewinding all types of motor and generators
  • Static and Brushless Exciter Inspection
  • Seal Oil Inspection and overhaul of Hydrogen cooled machine
  • Stator full and partial rewinding
  • Visual and Borescope Inspection on stator and rotor
  • Perform alignment of all makes of generators
  • Dry ice cleaning of Electrical Winding
  • Generator synthetic leakage test
  • Major and minor overhaul of Gas, Steam, Hydro Turbine and Diesel Engine generators of all makes
  • Retrofit and upgrades and troubleshooting of AVR and Protection relay for all type of Generator, gas/Steam Turbine or Diesel Engine driven

Gear Boxes Supply & Maintenance Services

  • Design, manufacture, supply & refurbishment of high speed & low speed Gearboxes for varied applications ranging from Steam Turbines to Gas Turbines, Compressors, Pumps, Blowers and several niche low speed applications
  • With complete after-market support to retrofitting and customization services like improving old/existing gears, re-engineering, re-rating gearboxes for extended capacities.

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