Turbo Control Solutions has demonstrated its ability to provide engineering and consulting services. These encompass projects such as frequency conversions, fuel system conversions, emissions abatement systems, auxiliary system modification, instrumentation and control system modification.

Successfully managing industrial projects, we make sure that modernized or upgraded gas turbine leads to the improvement of component durability and its benefits result in reducing the need to replace or recondition parts and components. The modification approach we follow, also leads to reduced power plant maintenance cost.

TCS’s work on the conversion modification and upgrade services also change the configuration of systems on the turbo machinery and provide modern alternatives to obsolete and antiquated components and systems, including the engine itself which helps in extending the operational lifetime of customer’s equipment.

Services include:

  • Frequency Conversions
  • Fuel System Conversions
  • Emissions Abatement Systems
  • Auxiliary System Modification
  • Instrumentation and Control System Modifications