• Address System Diagnostic Alarms
  • Complete Servicing including inspection of boards and cables
  • Long Standing Issues Resolved
  • DC Voltage/Battery checked-grounds resolved
  • File System Cleanup
  • Cleanliness/Cooling/Overheating Assessment
  • Junction Box and Terminal Tightness Check
  • Sequence/Screen Modifications to Improve user Friendliness
  • Address to Customer Complaints
  • Assessment of Spares on Shelf- inventory recommendations
  • Health Advisor Analysis including identification of TILs & part, software and performance upgrade benefits
  • Complete Report to be submitted
  • Major Issues Identified in the Report With Recommendations for Disposition


THE Health Check is an audit for the GE speedtronic control system, providing a complete health assessment of the current condition of equipment and includes a report on recommended repairs and maintenance.

The engineer will evaluate the panel and associated equipment as system. Subject to the expert’s discretion, additional tasks may be required and agreed with the customer to ensure the best results.

The test takes about 2-3 days onsite and all minor errors found during examination will be corrected onsite in an effort to prolong the life of the system. Any major faults found will be detailed in the report and discussed with you at site before rectifying. Unit shutdown may be required for certain procedures.

Health Check is also available for excitation systems and LCI upon request.

For more Details, Please contact TCS Regional Representative.