TCS buy back program gives you cash back by liquidate your excess inventory. New or Used, Current or Old, you can make money as well as go green. In addition, most of the surplus items we buy are able to go right back into facilities that need a low cost replacement to keep their plants up and running.

Choose one of four great ways to reduce your Used or New Overstock Inventory. Sell your excess industrial automation equipment, PLCs, drives, motors, electronic parts, circuit boards, meters, sensors, all types of industrial controls or any other surplus inventory.


  • GE Speedtronic MKI, MKII, MKIV, MKV, MKVI, EX2000 & EX2100
  • Bentley Nevada (Vibration Monitor 3500)
  • Woodward Netcon 5000
  • Rolls Entronic FT-50, FT-100 & FT-110
  • Bailey INFI 90

End Customers planning an upgrade of their existing control system can Contact us directly at
+60 (0) 3 2166 6202 or can email us at