TCS is committed to providing superior quality product & Services that meet applicable regulatory, statutory, and customer requirements by adhering to a quality management system that benefits our customers, employee and shareholders.

To meet our commitment, we must:

  • Value our customers through open communication, timely responses and continual improvement.
  • Appreciate and foster an environment of trust, integrity, challenge, and reward that attracts and retains the best employees in all positions thought the company.
  • Leverage efficient technology applied to all business processes in order to maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Understand that our ultimate purpose is customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure that our quality management system serves our customers’ need.

We appoint a Management Representative who is responsible for executing and managing the quality policy. The representative is responsible for the safety policy, its scope, and for communicating it to the employees and ensuring its implementation. He is also responsible for integrating these core values and objectives into the employees’ day‐to‐day decision making processes and operational practices.